Residue from Dashin Bear factory is causing health problem

The residue which come out from Dashin Bear factory is causing a big health problem in the communities of Azezo and Samuna Ber — small cities located close to Gondar. People from the community reported that this residue have caused a disease. Residents from Abba Samuel village reported that the water that came out from the ground is contaminated with this residue and it do not be useful any purpose.

“Let alone using it for washing and cooking, the water’s smell do not let approach it” said one of the locals. As a result of this many people have been affected with various problems. We asked them whether they reported to any government offices. “We reported to local FM radio station, Amhara Mass Media Agency, and to Gondar city administration” said the local people who gave us the information. Dashin bear factory is one of the companies which do not remove its waste properly.

Translated from Muluken Tesfaw’s article.


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